About us

Founded in 2019, with the aim to raise cafe standards in the Oman; we wanted to establish an understanding of how good coffee is made during this long but fun process.

White leaf roasters started from scratch by tracing the green beans back to its origins and learning how they are harvested, processed,  sorted, blended, roasted, cupped and scored based on taste. Every step in the production of a good of coffee is important, you need good brewing skills, an exceptional roast profile and, of course, exceptional techniques at the source (soil, climate, selective picking, processing, etc).

White leaf roasters  customizes its own specialty blends to cater for growing demands from cafes  and retsuarnats around the country. We offer a wide range of Roasted Coffee Beans to wholesale and retail clients.

Coffe oman and their white leaf product line are my go to for coffee cravings. Satisfied everytime.

Abdul Al Riyami

Ive have been Coffee Oman's long time customer to source for my cafe and every customer gives us a compliment everytime.

Cafe Owner

We are excited to announce our White leaf coffee, made with the highest quality coca beans where we paid attention to every step of the process. Only the best, for the best.

We are here

PC -318  P.O. Box -384 White Leaf Roasters, Rustaq, Sultanate of Oman

Sun - Thu, 9am - 7pm

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